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A Wizard of Visual FX

Ray Harryhausen with one of his most famous models.

When I was just a little tyke, movies and television fed my imagination and my dreams. Some of my most vivid childhood memories and inspiration came from the mind of legendary visual FX artist Ray Harryhausen.

Well, today marks the passing of that legendary dreamer and master of the stop-motion animation technique.  It’s really safe to say that all of today’s high-end visual effects owe everything to his genius and hard work.

I myself have always admired and dreamed of becoming a storyteller much like Mr. Harryhausen, bringing the fantastic to life and the unbelievable to reality.  Even though Ray Harryhausen hasn’t made a movie since 1981’s “Clash of the Titans” his legacy and inspiration will live on.

To Ray and all of my fellow dreamers… Thank You.

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