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An Important Video Message For This Year’s Election

That’s right, Super Tuesday is here and it’s time to get out and VOTE!

Your power to vote is what keeps all of us free and prosperous.

So here’s a little video reminder for you.  And don’t forget to pass it along.  Everyone needs to punch those ballots to let the folks in Washington know what ‘The People’ really want.

And for those who really can’t get enough of those political ads, I’ve dug through my archives to bring you some election campaign TV ads I once had a hand in producing.

Makes you feel all patriotic inside, doesn’t it?

Oh, and before I forget, here’s an anti-Romney ad one of my clients, Carl Guild, brought to my attention recently.
(This ad does not necessarily reflect the views of The Emmy Winning Blog)

And here’s another ad I worked on for a real estate firm.

Just goes to show you that when it comes to ideas, nothings really new.

Good luck voting and God Bless America!

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