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Frankenstein’s Halloween (UPDATED)

It’s the time of year for ghosts, ghouls and goblins.  Witches and Zombies come out to play.  A myriad of costumed Trick Or Treaters weave in and out of the neighborhood in search of their next gooey sweet, while Jack-O-Lanterns grin from every porch stoop.

Yes, it’s Halloween, the season of screams and scares.

And the horror wouldn’t be complete without a mad scientist and his living cadaver.

Presenting another ghastly video from The Emmy Winning Blog…

It’s Franken-Video!

Be sure to share the terror!

Editor’s Note:

This video was made during the onslaught of Frankenstorm.  SPOOKY!


I hope these videos lighten the mood and the load for those hit by Hurricane Sandy.


Oh, I almost forgot…

For those who need their fair share of gore this Halloween, here’s last year’s Halloween Treat:

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