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Finding the Right Look for the Right Client

A few weeks ago a realtor named, Carl Guild approached me with an idea.  He wanted to produce a series of quick tip videos and interviews to post to his YouTube channel. His goal was simple.  He wanted to present the process of real estate and the housing market in a clear, clean and simple way so that anybody and everybody could understand.  Simply put, he wanted these videos to look professional and elegant.

In the end this is what we came up with:

Carl had been studying other realty clips and really felt the rough, amateur feel of those videos distracted from the real message.  He needed his videos to be direct and to the point.  He needed them to be visually compelling and he needed them to be done quickly and easily.

So we decided to produce a “doughnut” graphic package.  Simply put, a “doughnut” is pre-produced animation and graphic elements with “holes” to be filled with custom and timely video elements.  The animation and graphics remain the same for each video, while the actual content is periodically updated.

So it then came time to create his graphics.  He gave me a logo and indicated he wanted a “hi-tech, driving” piece of music for the theme.

At first, many ideas popped into my head, but none of them seemed to work.  I then began to think about homes and how they were constructed.  Then it hit me.  Blueprints!  Carl’s graphics would look like a series of housing blueprints.

Choosing a “blueprint” motif reinforces Carl’s company image and aesthetic. The look is clean and simple and it invokes a sense of planning, sound construction and future dreams.  Perfect for a dynamic motivated client like Carl Guild.

We ended up going with a quaint “home-style” piece of music creating a warm and secure feeling that welcomes potential clients home.  A “heavy metal” driving beat would create a feeling of edginess and dominance putting customers on edge.

In the end Carl’s look fits with his business.  Without this right fit, a client’s message is lost forever in the online video clutter.  Choosing the right look for a client is the most essential step to creating a professional and dynamic presentation.

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  • Dawn McCann
    Posted January 27, 2012 at 8:25 pm | Permalink

    Nice job Christopher, CARLGUILD logo is inprinted in my mind.

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