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J-Pop Video Sensation

“Konnichiwa, minasan!”*

*That’s “Hello Everyone” in Japanese


A few months back The Emmy Winning Blog discussed favicon’s.  If you don’t remember, shame on you and click here.  In that article I showcased an animated favicon created especially for Japanese Pop Sensation, Reni Reni.

Yeah, that’s the one.

Recently Reni came out with a brand new video with the perfect mix of 3D game-like animation, anime and style.

So there you have it, a lonely girl and her future dreams.

The elegant visuals, electronic melodies and haunting lyrics combined with a touch of video-game techno style make this a truly poignant and moving video.  Kudos to Director Tatsuo Nishide for creating such a beautiful canvas and of course to Satoshi Yoshimura and Reni Mimura for the very lyrical “DNA”.

Well, now that summer is coming to a close its time The Emmy Winning Blog got back to work.  In the coming months we’ll be presenting several new tutorials on the elements and tools that go into today’s multi-media projects.  In addition, some exciting new projects will be popping up, so keep an eye out.

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