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My career with (without) Steve Jobs

Very sad news tonight.  Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple has passed away.

I would like to reflect on how this man and his company directly and indirectly influenced the world of multi-media and on a more personal level influenced my career.

First off Apple has no doubt led the way in changing the landscape of how multi-media messages are delivered through the introduction of the iPhone and iPod.  The iPod and more importantly iTunes totally revolutionized the way we hear and buy music.  Napster may have led the way with digitized downloads, but iTunes refined it.

Apple iPhone

With the iPhone, the way we see the web, watch TV and videos, play games and now read books has forever changed.  Multi-media messages are now packaged, marketed and delivered with the ‘mobile device’ in mind.

Websites need to be configured and designed to fit the smaller screens.  Videos need to be simpler and ‘cleaner’, not to mention the need to stand out through increased volume of video messages.  Lastly, advertising now needs to adapt and thrive in the mobile device universe.

So there is no doubt Apple has been a game changer when it comes to the multi-media landscape.  I could also go on about computers in general.  On how they changed media from largely a paper resource to a digital platform or how radio, TV and film have been re-vamped, re-booted and re-charged since the advent of our digital assistants.  The importance of this digital revolution is staggering to say the least.

Yet it doesn’t end there, at least not for me.  Back in the early 1990’s Avid Technologies launched a totally digital video editing system with Apple as its platform.  That system enabled editors to digitize video, eventually making tape and film an endangered species.

Avid Technologies

The moment I sat in front of that Macintosh Quadra 700 and launched the Avid software my life forever changed.  It was like forging with lightening.  The speed, the ease and the creativity were now at my fingertips.  A whole new world of creative mojo opened up in front of me.  You see before that moment I never understood computers, I barely even touched one.  I always thought I would set off World War III like that kid in ‘War Games’.  I was hooked and Apple led the way.

Chris Parker in front of a MAC


Other digital breakthroughs soon followed.  Digital video cameras, Animation desktop tools and of course Apple’s own industry leading video editing software, Final Cut Pro to name a few.

Today, my skills include not only editing with video, but animation, 3D animation, digital desktop design and web design.  And it all started on a MAC.

Thanks Steve…

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