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Thanksgiving Turkey Puzzle App

Tom Turkey Peaks

Is Thanksgiving Over yet?

Hey folks it’s Thanksgiving again and you know what that means… Good Ole Tom Turkey is back!

But wait.. What’s this?

It looks like the stress of Turkey Day got to poor Ole Tom who just can’t seem to keep it together.

Never fear we’ll soon have him back in one piece again, courtesy of some good old fashion home-made web animation and a brand new Turkey Puzzle App.

Tom Turkey Puzzle App

Click Here to Launch the App to
Put Tom Turkey Back Together Again!

So click on the pieces to launch the app. Then its all gravy as you start putting Tom back together again. Just drop the Turkey pieces back into place and before we know it Tom will be back to his jolly old self just in time for Thanksgiving. And Hey it works just as good on touch screen devices! Check it OUT!

That was almost as good as Grandma’s home-made stuffing. Well almost!

Hey and don’t forget to check out Tom’s Thanksgiving videos they’ll surely get you in the mood for seconds… maybe even thirds..

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and please be sure to share and like us on Facebook.

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