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The Emmy Winning Archives (Episode I)

Elvis Has Left The Building

Recently, a lot of you have been asking how I come up with the ideas for my videos. Well, that prompted me to go back and re-examine some of my past work.  I then thought, wouldn’t it be fun to start an ongoing series of articles highlighting “the making of” some of my all-time favorite videos and multi-media endeavors.  So, today marks the first in what I hope to be many more Emmy Winning Archives featuring a past multi-media project and a short behind-the-scenes story on how and why it came to life.

First up is the King of Rock N’ Roll himself, Elvis Presley!

Obviously, this was a promo for an Elvis movie marathon that my TV station was airing.  Normally, these types of promos are put together by using clips and sound bites from the movies themselves.

Well, I felt instead of just movie clips, why can’t Elvis himself advertise his own marathon.  I mean everybody loves The King, don’t they?

So we went to the local mall to shoot Elvis paraphernalia inside one of those Rock and Roll novelty stores.  We then hired an Elvis impersonator to do the voiceover.  Add some music, graphics, station logo and voila, instant Rock N’ Roll magic!

The script was also carefully planned out.  It needed to sound conversational, like Elvis was speaking right to the audience.  Many producers fail to recognize that video works best when the message talks “to” or “with” the audience and not “at” or “down” to the audience.  We were also aware that the more fun you put into a message the better received and memorable the message becomes.

This promo was part of a series of promos that won an Emmy® for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Promotional Writing.  This demonstrates that simplicity and playfulness leads to a successful video.

If you liked this Elvis promo then be sure to check out for more. And if you like a particular video you see there, and want to learn more about how it was made, then let me know by leaving a comment.  I’m definitely going to highlighting more in the coming months so don’t be shy.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to my blog and “like” and “share” me on Facebook.  Until then, in the words of Elvis himself:

“Thank You… Thank You Very Much.”

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  • Posted January 21, 2012 at 12:19 am | Permalink


    I remember that promo and also remember how much I liked it. Those were the days when the station left you to your own devices, unfettered in the creative process.

    You’ve always known how to entice viewers and create a sense of fun…and this piece was all ‘concept” as they say.

    This only existed in your brain. No where else. Ever.

    Pretty cool (and scary).


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