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The Emmy Winning Summer Short Film Festival

Short films should be kept, well, short and simple.  In fact, feature length films as well as any video for that matter should follow the “less is more” approach to storytelling.

The short film “Developing” by Dilation Studios is certainly a prime example of elegance through simplicity.  By employing the use of haunting music, sparse dialogue and beautiful, yet stark photography, “Dilation” captures the loneliness and isolation of two people’s everyday experiences.

“Dilation” isn’t flashy nor is it unique, but its shear minimalistic approach is both memorable and poignant.

So enjoy “Developing” directed by Nicholas Watcher and featuring Karen Ellis and Michael Berger.  Oh, and note the effect widescreen has on the characters’ initial isolation and then eventual discovery of each other.  Very cinematic.

Be sure to offer your comments and don’t be afraid to tell us what your favorite Internet short films are we’d love to hear from you.  Until next time…

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