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The Phone Booth Anachronism

Just a reminder of how quickly and how dramatically our communications and multi-media universe is ‘a-changin’

On the streets of Cambridge, ironically just outside the campus of M.I.T., I pose with my iPhone alongside an urban artifact, a reminder of an era gone by.

In stark contrast to the scrawling graffiti of the pay phone, the smart phone makes use of their own brand of “digital graffiti” through photos, music, video, texting, social media and advertising.

The world of multi-media has evolved into the universe of digital media.

Even websites are not immune to this evolution.  Once thought of as “the cutting edge” of media delivery, websites now need to be adaptable to smart phone technology and graphical display.

Websites for smart integration need to sleeker, simpler and faster.

If you look up on your computer and then on your phone you’ll see the difference.  Check out this article for more of what I’m talking about.


Of course, as I sat next to that lonely payphone, I couldn’t help thinking, where will everyone’s favorite mild, mannered reporter change his clothes.  Oh well, the price of evolution.

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