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Trick or Treat

Halloween on the Web

Yes folks it’s Halloween, a time for ghosts, witches and ghouls. But before you put on that zombie make-up and head out the front door for a night of trick or treating, I’ve got a treat right here, right now!

Presenting “Bat-Attack” a brand new animation just in time for Halloween!

Vampire Bat


All you’ve got to do is click on everybody’s favorite blood sucker, Dracula and then when you see the screen pop-up move your mouse over the jack-o-lantern and BOO! Instant chills!

Yep! After all this time I’ve decided to make an animation that YOU yourself control. And if that’s not enough, this fiendishly frightening feast is entirely built using web based technology. Simply put, past animations such as this one:

… have been exclusively video based. Yet “Bat-Attack” relies on your own web browser to bring the animation to life!

To quote a famous mad scientist…

Anyway enjoy this delightfully creepy treat and have a happy and safe Halloween.

Oh, and here are some more scary videos to keep you quaking in your boots!

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