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Why Nick Fury Can’t Watch
“The Avengers” in 3D


The Avengers in 3D

Nick Fury of SHIELDThat’s right, Nick Fury, Agent of Shield, super spy, man of action, faces down even the toughest hoards of villainy, can’t even watch his own movie in 3D!


Thor of the AvengersAs Thor would say, “What dost trouble thee?”

For the last couple of posts I’ve been discussing ways to create and view 3D movies and 3D multi-media.  If you haven’t had a chance, check out parts one and two here and here respectively.

To sum up, 3D is actually a process called “stereography”, where two slightly offset angles of the same image are combined to create the illusion of 3D depth.  In order for this phenomenon to occur, it must rely on “binocular” vision, where BOTH eyes work together.

Did I say “both eyes”?  That’s right, if you are blind in one eye or one of your eyes sees significantly better than the other, or your eyes don’t work in harmony then “POOF”, you cannot see stereoscopic 3D.

Samual Jackson as Nick FuryThat means everyone’s favorite “one-eyed” super spy won’t be able to enjoy the non-stop action of “The Avengers” in spectacular “eye-popping” 3D.

Sorry Nick. Even Superman had his Kryptonite.

This does not mean Nick Fury and others without the ability to see “stereoscopic” images CAN’T see 3D in real life.

Actual 3D perception relies on many other cues such as:

  • When an object blocks another object
  • When an object’s lines converge in the distance
  • When an object loses detail
  • When objects appear bigger or smaller

So there you have it.  Nick Fury, Agent of Shield can enjoy “The Avengers” just as much as everyone else.  He’ll just have to see the movie in 2D.

That’s ok though; because of  “The Avengers” shear magnitude of awesomeness Nick will feel the action as if he were really there.  Wait a second… Never mind.

Oh, just as a side note, one of the all-time classic 3D movies, “The House of Wax” starring Vincent Price, was directed by Andre Dé Noth, a man who was blind in one eye.

Hmm.  That just goes to show you.

Ok, now that we’ve finished our little side trip it’s now time we got back to the main topic.  Next up, we’ll be discussing ways to convert our projects to actual viewable 3D images and movies.

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